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When Dear Abby has it all wrong...
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Are you addicted to advice columns but sometimes think you'd have a better answer? Do you wonder at times if Abby has been sniffing her own ink? Maybe you'd just like to share a rather insane letter sent in to Prudence. Well, you've come to to the right place!

We're a new come and, thus, don't have many rules to start. Here they are!

1) Try to play nice. We are all adults here. It is one thing to rail against a letter writer or the columnist for poor advice, but lets avoid name calling and flame baiting with one another.
2) Posts should be about letters written to advice columnists. The ideal post will contain the original letter and the columnists response. You may also add your own response.
3) If you have any non-letter posts regarding a columnist, you may post those as well.
4) Send me a message if you wish to advertise another Live Journal community.
5) Hate language will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to derogatory words regarding race, gender, sexuality, age or religion.
5a) Please note that this also includes hardcore child-free lingo. Please no 'sprog', 'breeder' or any of the other words I don't even want to type here. If a child is acting up, then it is OK to say the child is being a 'brat' or something similar. Lets face it, sometimes kids are brats. But keep the strong words for a CF com.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the maintainer ASAP.

Mod note: Keep in mind, I am away from the computer during my working hours. Private messages to me and requests to join will probably get a response in the evening or early morning pacific standard time.

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